These Are Some Of The Expensive Car Components That You Must Know

A car consists of various components. In order to work properly, you must carry out painstaking and routine care. Never ignore it, because if it is damaged then you also have to spend extra money, especially car repairs usually take quite a lot of costs. Meanwhile, you may check out high desert mobile detailing if you need a maintenance service for your car that’s affordable for most people.

Let’s find out which car parts the repair costs can drain your pocket:

Internal Car Engine

Age is no longer young, poor maintenance and other usage factors are some of the things that can damage the internal condition of the car.

Damage to the internal engine also usually occurs in several components at once, because these components work simultaneously. As a result, the costs incurred to make the condition back to prime become very swollen.

Internal engine repairs are usually referred to as overhauls or down engines.


Transmission is a vital component of the car. If you experience damage, you have to spend very expensively, even more, if your car uses automatic transmission.

One of the most effective ways to maintain transmission conditions is to make changes to your car’s transmission oil regularly. Every second transmission oil change, don’t forget to flush or drain transmission oil so that the entire old oil can be replaced.

Head Gasket

Gasket or better known as the head gasket serves to glue the engine cylinder. Besides this, this component is also responsible for preventing oil or cooling leaks. The effects of the damage caused include leaking the radiator to make the engine easy to heat.

The cost of fixing head gaskets is actually not too expensive. Unfortunately, the cost of repairs to other components affected was very costly.

Diesel injector

Be aware of the damage to the injector component. Damage to the components of this one car is rare, but if it is damaged and must be replaced, the cost can be very high. Generally, the damage to the diesel engine injector is caused by dirt clogging. Blockages can also occur due to several factors, one of which is the use of quality fuels that have high sulfur content.