These Are Requirements For Those Who Want To Get Facial Liposuction

Chubby cheeks make some people feel less confident. It what makes some of them choose to get facial liposuction surgery. However, most of you may not fully understand how this procedure actually works and what the risks are. In order not to be mistaken, I will review some things about cheek liposuction surgery that are important to know. In the meantime, you may also visit Dr William Portuese if you wish to consult with the best facial plastic surgeon in Seattle.

Actually, what is the purpose of cheek liposuction surgery?

In medical terms, liposuction surgery which is usually done in the face area is usually called facial liposuction. This action aims to reduce excess or disturbing fat, including on the cheeks.

Usually, doctors use a special tube-shaped device called a cannula with a blunt tip. Later, this cannula is used to suck and hold your facial fat.

However, even though liposuction is included in surgery, you will not be totally sedated. Local anesthesia or anesthesia in the area to be worked on is enough to help relieve pain. So indeed when the procedure takes place you are fully conscious.

Cheek liposuction surgery conditions

Doing cheek liposuction procedures cannot be arbitrary, there are several conditions that need to be fulfilled. Among others are:

1. Aged over 17 years

Everyone who wants to do certain beauty procedures must be over 17 years old. It’s because at this age patients are considered able to determine their own choices and are responsible for the choices they have made. So, the procedure of beauty is carried out on the basis of his own wishes – not coercion from the environment or other people.

2. An adequate amount of fat

Liposuction surgery cannot be done carelessly. The doctor will see if the amount of fat you have is enough for this one procedure. If it’s too little, then this action can’t be done but can use other alternatives, namely by lipolysis injection.

3. In healthy condition

Before doing this procedure, you must be in good health. In addition, the doctor will also ensure that you have no blood clotting abnormalities or that you have an active infection either in certain body parts or that have spread throughout the body.