The Disadvantages Of Hydromassage Shower Panels

In order for the hydromassage panel to function properly, it is necessary that the pipe equipment in your home meets two conditions, without which the purchase of a hydromassage shower panel becomes in vain:

Sufficient pressure in the water supply. The normal operation of a hydromassage panel is only possible with a minimum pressure of two atmospheres (more accurate information is usually indicated in the product description). Unlike shower boxes, the hydromassage panel is not equipped with a built-in pump, so the water pressure in the pipe plays an important role here.

Availability of hot water. If your house has its own boiler room or you live in a city apartment, then you can skip this item. In homes where water heaters operating with a capacity of at least 24 kW are installed, the hydromassage panel will also work normally. If a cumulative type of water heater is installed at home, or the capacity of an instant water heater is insufficient, you should forget about buying a hydromassage panel.

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