The Wrong Mindset Of Software Development

We must know many things when we talk about software development. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes in their software development. They also underestimate the development process. Did you visit The job of developing software is not predictive work like making burgers because software developers never make the same software more than once. Developing software is not a production process. If we take the example of the automotive industry, we can see there is an R & D (Research & Development) division and there is a factory section in charge of producing cars designed by the R & D division. Innovators in the R & D division have never designed the same car more than once but people who work in the production line can make the same type of car many times a day. If we want to connect the nature of software development work, it is more suitable to be associated with an R & D division than with a factory production line. Software developers are innovators, not factory workers.

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However, it is unfortunate that many project managers still consider that the type of work in software development is a job that can be predicted from the start such as the job of making pizzas. The project manager will make every effort to create a near-perfect work breakdown structure (WBS) so the project does not fail. The process of building construction that uses many theories of civil engineering and theoretical physics makes it likely to be predictive. If developing software is only based on physical formulas, maybe we can use a WBS. We don’t need to have a smart software developer, just a class of construction workers. The project manager has the humility to admit that their project management knowledge. It is not relevant in software development. More software developers today are happy and they don’t regret their profession.

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