This Is How Mothers With SMI Deal With The Lost Of Child Custody

Losing child custody is not the end of everything. Child custody can be fought back and the mother with SMI (Serious Mental Illness) still has the opportunity to regain custody. The most important point is that the mother must always maintain her physical and mental health to avoid losing custody. Mothers also need to remain enthusiastic and not give up easily when losing custody, because there are still many ways that can be done to get custody again. Meanwhile, if it’s hard for you to trust the way your ex-partner takes care of your child, you may want to investigate him by hiring a reliable private detective.

Here are some of the many ways you can do when you have lost your child custody:

Try to stay there for the children. As much as possible, participate in every important moment of the child. Show the child that the mother is the best parent and the mother has done everything she can to be the best possible parent.

Avoid talking about custody cases with children. Give a good explanation of the absence of the mother, but do not discuss the dispute between the mother and the custodian. This is done to avoid the bad image that is formed in the minds of children about the person who is currently nurturing it.

Rent a lawyer. If the mother doesn’t have a lawyer, try to hire a lawyer who understands mental disorders and wants to coordinate with a psychologist/psychiatrist in handling cases. Lawyers can provide information and make mothers sure that mothers still have rights to their children, both now and in the future.

Learn the legal system. In addition to hiring a lawyer, the mother must also study the legal system so that she can prepare legal steps that can be done alone. This also allows the mother to save on the cost of renting a lawyer.

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