This Is Why Men Wear Watches

Your surrounding friends will definitely see the watch and they price it when you wear a watch. It is only something that has been conditioned to be identified. When someone sees you using a good watch, they will think of wearing it too. “Okay, that guy has a cool style”, “He has class”. Often they will say something, even that simple is a good watch. You have been given praise. Suddenly your whole day becomes a little better. You may have your own reasons why you buy movado watch.

Watches encourage conversation. If you like a watch, you will see other people wearing it, women or men, and it becomes a starter for natural conversation. You can start by praising them, “that’s a good watch.” And the cool thing about this. Suddenly you begin to be able to invite someone to watch a movie that just came out because they once invited him to talk about a watch.

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