Your Weight Might Increase When You Work At The Office

Sometimes, a colleague who likes to offer snacks or dishes that he guarantees delicious. Not to mention if there is a birthday, they provide a birthday cake or hold a pizza party at the office. Okay, one day doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, when there are three coworkers who are a birthday for three consecutive days? Hmm … you may deserve to gain weight. If you are maintaining weight or dieting, do not be afraid to politely refuse foods that they offer. However … just wait to see other colleagues enjoy a mountain of free food, and you may join the feast! That’s why you may want to know how to lose 1 pound every week if you work in a company which is full of food lovers.

In addition, when you work overtime, you don’t exercise and tend to feel sleepy. This disrupts your hormonal balance e, which increases hunger. So, if there is an overtime schedule, don’t treat your body! Use the office ladder for 10 minutes to keep your body moving.

¬†Finally, when you’re a deadline and stressed, you increase the hormone cortisol. This hormone, makes you crave snacks and sweet fo, ods. Food is not the solution for everything, dear. When you are in a lot of pressure, try doing simple exercise from the office desk that can trigger relaxation, for example, try the breathing exercise.

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